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How we run your Selenium RC tests on mobile devices

Some time ago we mentioned you can now run your Selenium RC tests on our mobile browsers. Selenium RC is an old protocol, which does not run on Safari/Android/iOS. The Selenium Webdriver protocol however, which is actively maintained, does run on everything, including mobile. The way we implemented this: we extended our TestLab where you can upload your Selenium RC/Selenium…

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Appium testing on TestingBot: automated hybrid/native iOS testing.

With Appium on TestingBot you can now run WebDriver tests against hybrid and native iOS apps. There’s no need to do anything special to your iOS app, just supply an URL to the zipped version of the .app file in the desired capabilities and Appium will extract your app and run tests against it in an iOS Simulator. Since Appium…

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iPhone and iPad Selenium Testing with Webdriver

Since our last post announcing Mac OS X Selenium support, we now have added iPhone and iPad to the mix. You can now run your Selenium webdriver tests on iPad and iPhone (iOS 5.1) inside our grid. Testing on iPad and iPhone happens with the official iOS Simulator from Apple and comes with a video and screenshots of the test….

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