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macOS Sierra Automated and Manual testing

macOS Sierra Selenium Testing This week, Apple introduced the OS that will replace OS X El Capitan, called macOS Sierra. Together with the announcement, a beta version of macOS Sierra was made available to developers. Today, TestingBot has added the beta-build of macOS Sierra to its list of available platforms. This means you can now run tests on Safari 10,…

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Safari Technology Preview: Automated Testing with WebDriver

Safari Technology Preview provides a way to have an early look at the upcoming web technologies in OS X and iOS. Starting today, TestingBot is providing the latest Safari Technology Preview builds in its Selenium Cloud. This means you can run both automated and manual tests on the latest Safari Technology Preview browser running on OS X El Capitan. Testing…

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Chrome and Firefox beta/dev cross browser testing

This week we’ve been adding many more browser versions to our list of browsers you can pick from. You can now instantly launch a Chrome browser as old as version 35 on our website and use it with your mouse and keyboard. Or use it in your Selenium IDE/Selenium Builder/Webdriver test to automatically test your website. We’ve added Chrome versions…

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