Month: September 2015

TestingBot Breakpoints to debug your flakey Selenium tests

Today TestingBot has added a new feature that should help you debug issues you encounter when running automated tests. Suppose you’re running a test and you notice something isn’t quite working well (ajax request is failing, javascript errors, …). When this happens, it’d be easy to┬ásimply pause the test, log in on the pristine virtual machine and start debugging with…

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Selenium testing with Robot Framework

With Robot Framework you can build easy to read test cases, which can then be run via Selenium webdriver on our Selenium Grid. It allows using keyword driven, behavior driven approaches and provides reports in HTML format. Setting up Robot Framework First you have to make sure you’ve installed pip. To install the other libs, please run: pip install robotframework-selenium2library…

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Chrome and Firefox beta/dev cross browser testing

This week we’ve been adding many more browser versions to our list of browsers you can pick from. You can now instantly launch a Chrome browser as old as version 35 on our website and use it with your mouse and keyboard. Or use it in your Selenium IDE/Selenium Builder/Webdriver test to automatically test your website. We’ve added Chrome versions…

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