How we run your Selenium RC tests on mobile devices

Some time ago we mentioned you can now run your Selenium RC tests on our mobile browsers.

Selenium RC is an old protocol, which does not run on Safari/Android/iOS.
The Selenium Webdriver protocol however, which is actively maintained, does run on everything, including mobile.

The way we implemented this: we extended our TestLab where you can upload your Selenium RC/Selenium IDE tests.

When you upload your test file or suite, we check if our Selenium RC to Webdriver converter can fully convert your test. If this does succeed, we offer the option to run your RC test on Safari and iOS/Android. There was already some Selenium code which does the conversion as well, called WebdriverBackedSelenium, but the way it worked did not really match with our system/needs.

When starting a test with our converter enabled, we first convert the RC test to a WebDriver test.
Then we start a background job, which starts a Docker container on one of our servers. This pristine Docker container is designed to quickly boot up, it is a pristine environment only used by you. The Docker container fetches the converted RC test (now in WebDriver format), and runs it on our browser grid.

As far as the grid is concerned, this is just a regular Webdriver test; the steps of the test, screenshots and video, together with errors are logged in your account.

This way your RC/IDE test can run on mobile without you having to change anything to your test(s).

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