Samsung Galaxy Tab Testing with Selenium Webdriver

We are pleased to announce that we have added Samsung Galaxy Tab testing to our Selenium grid.

Starting today our paying customers can run their tests on Samsung Galaxy Tab emulators running on a Linux node. These nodes are optimized to run the emulator with enough RAM and CPU.

As always, you will have access to all test results together with screenshots and a video of the test.

In the following example you will see a simple Ruby script using Webdriver to test on a Galaxy Tab in our cloud:

require "rubygems"
gem "selenium-client"
gem "selenium-webdriver"
require "selenium-webdriver"
require "selenium/client"

caps = {
  :browserName => "galaxytab",
  :platform => "ANDROID"

client =
client.timeout = 480

driver = Selenium::WebDriver.for(
  :url => "",
  :http_client => client,
  :desired_capabilities => caps) ""
element = driver.find_element(:name, 'q')
element.send_keys "Hello WebDriver!"
puts driver.title

By modifying the browserName in the example above to “android”, you can also run your test on our Android Ice Cream Sandwich Phone emulator.
More information is available in our support area.

In the meantime we are working on supporting more mobile devices in our cloud, so stay tuned for further updates. To see a full list of browsers/devices/OS versions we support, please consult our browser page.

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