We upgraded to Selenium v2.15.0

We’ve just finished upgrading our Selenium grid (the hub and all its RC nodes) to Selenium v2.15.0
This upgrade should provide improved stability.

According to the Selenium changelog these are the changes in the v.2.15 version:


  • Now supports up to and including Firefox 11.
  • Changed order of FirefoxProfile initialization attempts on a
    remote host: 1) try to load from capabilities, 2) try to load
    locally if webdriver.firefox.profile is specified, 3) create an
    empty profile.
  • Added the beginning of infrastructure for gathering logs from
    webdriver tests.
  • Added an UnreachableBrowserException.
  • Additional work on the WebDriver JS console.
  • Implicit waits now change how long we wait for alerts. This
    functionality will change in 2.16
  • FIXED: 2700: The infamous scrolling issue.
  • FIXED: 2816: ClassCastException when calling switchTo().alert().


  • Grid now distinguishes between CLIENT_GONE and
  • FIXED: issue where older RCs could not connect to a newer hub.


  • Selenium-backed WebDriver now uses atoms for typing.

Automation Atoms:

  • Significantly reworked input device abstractions.

Known Issues:

  • HTA mode for Selenium RC (*iexplore) leaves a browser window open.

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